My homework – my favourite Roald Dahl book by Emily


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My favourite Roald Dahl book is “Danny The Champion of the World”, because it is so exciting and adventurous.

The book is about a boy called Danny and his father who owns a petrol station. It details all the amazing things they do together.One day his father goes out poaching and does not come back at the time he said he would, so Danny has to drive a car to search for him. He finds his father in a pit and gets him out with rope. When he and his father get home the doctor comes out and explains that Danny’s father has broken his leg. After his dad gets better Danny learns all about poaching and goes with his father – they catch lots of pheasants using raisins filled with crushed up sleeping pills.

Roald Dahl originally got the idea from seeing an old petrol station near to where he lived. He also had an old caravan in his garden just like the one Danny and his father lived in.

I love this book because Roald Dahl builds the tension and excitment that Danny feels billiantly,and makes the reader feel totally absorbed in the story.

 My homework my favourite Roald Dahl book by Emily

Me reading my favourite Roald Dahl book!

Google + by Jamie/ the awesome kid!!!!!!


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Google + is activated when you create a Gmail account. You just need to know about this. Go to Google and click on “sighn in.” When you have done this enter your email address and password. You will be able to make posts of your mood or something you have found interesting. Press share and your post will be published. Make your own home page and your friends and family can +1 them.

Really good adventure book series with great stories! From Alex’s Mum


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Hi! We’ve come across a really good series of stories with Alex called Will Solvit: there are 12 books in total the main character is called Will Solvit; he is 10 years old and he has accidentally left his parents in the prehistoric jungle because his Dad is an inventor and he invented a machine called Morph which transforms into anything you want. Will goes through unexpected adventures and is guided by mysterious letters which no-one knows who writes them and seem to be sent by someone from the future. There are secret images as well and Morse code messages. You can see the images properly when you use the special decoder which comes with the book. Will has found an amulet which is a key to unlock secret compartments. He uses it in all his adventures. All the adventures are so well written, there is a lot of suspense and no-one can guess what is going to happen next. So I recommend reading the Will Solvit adventures! The author’s name is Zed Storm. There is also a website:!

From Alex’s Mum!

 Really good adventure book series with great stories! From Alexs Mum Really good adventure book series with great stories! From Alexs Mum Really good adventure book series with great stories! From Alexs Mum

Stampy Cat is Amazing by Alex


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 Stampy Cat is Amazing by AlexStampy Cat plays minecraft and is an expert , along with his friends Lee Amy Lee and ballistic squid , he is an expert at minecraft SURVIVAL! Here is an image of his amazing world and fun land! Stampy Cat is Amazing by Alex


He loves cake!

 Stampy Cat is Amazing by Alex

By Alex!

Monster High by Millie


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 Monster High by Millie

Monster High is a place were all the monsters go. You can also get dolls of them too. I have 17 dolls. There are more than 100 dolls to get. I wish I had all of them. Most of the people at Monster High have there own amazing personality. Frankie is the main person at Monster High. I don’t like her because she always gets to be the main person. I love Abby. Monster High also has a website if you want to go on it you can.

  Monster High by Millie Monster High by Millie

Wizard101 By Joel56


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Wizard101 is an awesome game, it has fire wizards, earthquake wizards and more! You have to fight a guy named Malistaire Drake and lots of elemental minions. Here is a picture of Malistaire Drake

 Wizard101 By Joel56

My homework by Alex!


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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is my favrioute book because the characters are described really well; my favrourite character is Mr Wonka  because he has so much imagination especially with the machines e.g. the chocolate waterfall, it mixes the chocolate properly and falls into like a waterfall into tunnels! The characters are Charlie, Mr and Mrs Bucket, Mr Wonka , Verruca Salt, Violet Beauregard, Grandpa Joe, Grandma Georgina, Grandpa George, Grandma Josephine, August Gloop, the oompaloompas, Mike T.V.  and the parents. In the story the main character is Charlie and he is very poor and is trying to get a golden ticket to get in Willy Wonka’s  factory to win a special prize at the end of the amazing tour!


 My homework by Alex! My homework by Alex!

 My homework by Alex! My homework by Alex! My homework by Alex! My homework by Alex! My homework by Alex!

The football match at the rec by Jamie/ the awesome kid!!!


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On the 4th of February the school football team played in the rec. This match was against Addington cov. Many of the team scored, but the goalkeeper, me, got a bit bored- only getting 1 shot at me . We had a lot of people who were coming to support us. Our big match ended at 18-0 to us. We were delighted to score every one. To be honest we got bored of scoring and began to set up people who hadn’t been able to score yet. I would like to thank all the supporters and teachers that helped us. So to Miss Lowdan, Mr Wakefield and Miss Sadler.

My Maths Homework by Joel56


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Perpendicular and parallel lines!

Parallel lines are when 2 lines stay in a perfect distance  from each other.

Perpendicular lines are when 2 lines meet or cross to make a right angle (90 degrees).

Thank you for reading my homework.

The Twits by Daniel/The Best Story Teller!!


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This blog is about my favorite Roald Dahl book which is The Twits. Mr Twit is so dirty that he wears the exact same clothes every day and Mrs Twit is just the same but she is a lady and has a walking stick. Mr Twit has done all sorts to her made her think that she has got the shrinks and he untied the string around her ankles when she had balloons attached to her wrists so she flew away. The Twits had a dead tree in their back garden and on Tuesdays and Wednesdays Mr Twit goes out and washes the tree with sticky glue so when the birds land on the tree they are stuck there until the morning when Mrs Twit cooks bird pie for supper. At the very end of story when Mr/Mrs Twit stand on their heads for a long time and they get the shrinks so their heads pop into their bodies and their bodies pop into their legs and after that nothing is there except of their clothes,shoes and Mrs Twit’s walking stick. When the Twits went out to bye guns extremely good ones, the monkeys and the birds helped each other to put every thing on the floor and stick them to the seiling so the nasty old hags think that there on the seiling so they stand on their heads and all the steps for the shrinks.In their back garden they have a cage of monkeys the reason why they have monkeys is that they used to work for a circus , so they trained monkeys to do what you tell them to do. When the Twits left the circus Mr Twit wanted to keep some of the circus monkeys and when ever one of them felt like it they would go out to the monkeys and put them standing on their heads for six hours.

By Daniel/The best story teller!!